Monday, 5 August 2019

Mission day - by Ben

Mission day is a time in September when St Patrick school fun raises money for the Holy angels orphanage in India.We raise money for the holy angels orphanage in India to help the orphans and the orphanage.On mission day we pay to play games or get face paint or getting food, lollies, drinks and Popsicle's.I love mission day because it's fun and caring.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Ten things I saw at the shop- by Ben

Learning Intention:We are learning to read and calculate prices of goods I saw from the shop.

Success Criteria I know I am successful when I can read prices and calculate the money I have to buy products.
                 Ten things I saw at the shop

  • Apples  $6.00
  • Chips $10.00
  • White Bread $2.50
  • Fruit Vines $5.00
  • Power raid 5.00
  • Coke Cola bottle 6.00
  • Corn beef 5.50
  • Toilet paper 10.00
  • Lettuce 4.50
  • Moro 2.00

The Ascension -By Ben

40 days after the resurrection Jesus ascended into heaven.
The apostles were sleeping then two men woke them up and
said “wake up Jesus is gone”.Then they got up and saw
someone standing on the other side of the field.Then the
noticed it was jesus and he said “go and tell the nations of the world about god’s word”.Then a massive wind blew and Jesus

Jaguar -By Ben

The Jaguar by Ben 
The jaguar is the largest and most powerful wild cat in the Western Hemisphere. The jaguar is a big cat in the Panthera genus, the jaguar's scientific name is Panthera onca.  
The jaguar is larger than the leopard. The jaguar's coat has different colors, but they are usually yellow-brownish with black spots, like leopards.The jaguar is the 3rd largest of the big cats after the tiger and the lion and it is the largest of all the big cats in the Americas. Jaguar's are only found in the Americas.
Jaguars prefer wet lowland habitats, swampy savannas or tropical rain forests. Their favorite habitat is in the tropical and subtropical forests. Jaguars also live in forests and grasslands, living near rivers and lakes, in small caves, marshland, and under rock ledges; they live in shrubby areas as well.Jaguars are the largest of South America's big cats. They once roamed from the southern tip of that continent north to the region surrounding the U.S.-Mexico border. 
They have strong swimming and climbing abilities.They often prefer to live by rivers, swamps, and in dense forest with thick cover for watching their prey. They are the largest predator in their range. Jaguars, on rare occasions, are seen as far north as the southwestern United States, particularly in Arizona.

Jaguars are known to eat deer, peccary, crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, deer, sloths, tapirs,capybaras, turtles, eggs, frogs, fish and anything else they can catch. feline species.Unlike many other cats, jaguars do not avoid water; in fact, they are quite good swimmers.
            References: retrieved 27th June 2019. retrieved 27th June 2019.

My dreams-by Ben

Learning Intention:We are learning to write about dreams.
Success Criteria: I know I am successful when I can write about dreams.

I dream about
stars and sunshine,
sun and moon,
rainbows and rain,
and I am happy

I dream about
killers and clowns,
ghost and blood
aliens and monsters,
and I am dead.

Autumn-by Ben

Learning Intention:We are learning to write a poem.
Success Criteria:I know I am successful when I can write a poem about season.
Things are windy fresh and cold,
lots of color yellow,brown,red and gold. 
There is lots of hard and soft leaves on the ground
 give me a blanket please do not make a sound.
Spin around as fast as you can
in the leaves next to the van.
In the trees where leaves change
its going to go on and on and it is so lame!