Tuesday, 3 December 2019

My Five Made up words - By Ben

These are my five words that I made up for SLJ(Summer Learning Journey)day 1.

Shrumble - Something shaking

Fungle - Something dirty

Gargoggle - Swallowing/Gulping

Kolapa - Snow flakes falling even though it is not winter

Sitola - Sitting on the ground

Sunday, 20 October 2019

St Maximilian Kolbe

He made a shelter for refugees in the World War 2
In 1941 he was arrested by the Germans as prisoner 16670 Maximilian stood up and said take me in his place because I won't be missed like this man

He taught the men in prison how to pray and sing songs to god.

The man whose place he took survived the war and returned home to his family. 

There is no love then a man who would lay down his life for a friend.
He was announced a priest in 1982, 10 October

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Dire Wolfs - By Ben!

L.I - Revise the features of an information report.

S.C:use facts effectively.
 groups ideas & link in paragraphs.  
use the correct punctuation.

Dire wolf
What are the features of the Dire wolves?
The Dire wolf is weighed between 75 to 150 pounds.

Why are they called Dire wolves ? 
The answer is that they absolutely are, or rather were, very real. Dire wolves once walked the land on the land called America , but they are now extinct.Dire wolves lived during the Pleistocene, about 250,000 to 10,000 years ago, and are close relatives of modern canids like the gray wolf blue and when they run their eyes goes blue but their eyes have trails in their eye.

What was the Size and Height of the Dire Wolf ?
Some of the most interesting facts about the Dire Wolf is its size and weight statistics. Dire Wolves were approximately 2 feet long and weighed around 150 pounds. That would have made them about 25 percent bigger than Gray Wolves.

When did the dire wolf go extinct and there smelling?
Dire wolves lived for 100,000 years and they were extinct 50,000 years ago.Dire wolves lived more than grey wolves, a Dire wolf is also good at smelling and finding stuff in the old times were vikings and kingdom’s and kings.

What is a dire wolf in real life?
Dire wolves once walked the land of the New World, but they are now extinct. Known as Canis dirus, dire wolves lived during the Pleistocene, about 250,000 to 10,000 years ago, and are close relatives of modern canids like the gray wolf.

It is like a beast when it is big but when it is small it is cute but dire wolves were gone a long time ago but its bones are at the museum.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Mission day - by Ben

Mission day is a time in September when St Patrick school fun raises money for the Holy angels orphanage in India.We raise money for the holy angels orphanage in India to help the orphans and the orphanage.On mission day we pay to play games or get face paint or getting food, lollies, drinks and Popsicle's.I love mission day because it's fun and caring.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Ten things I saw at the shop- by Ben

Learning Intention:We are learning to read and calculate prices of goods I saw from the shop.

Success Criteria I know I am successful when I can read prices and calculate the money I have to buy products.
                 Ten things I saw at the shop

  • Apples  $6.00
  • Chips $10.00
  • White Bread $2.50
  • Fruit Vines $5.00
  • Power raid 5.00
  • Coke Cola bottle 6.00
  • Corn beef 5.50
  • Toilet paper 10.00
  • Lettuce 4.50
  • Moro 2.00

The Ascension -By Ben

40 days after the resurrection Jesus ascended into heaven.
The apostles were sleeping then two men woke them up and
said “wake up Jesus is gone”.Then they got up and saw
someone standing on the other side of the field.Then the
noticed it was jesus and he said “go and tell the nations of the world about god’s word”.Then a massive wind blew and Jesus