Thursday, 27 February 2020

PPDAC-by Ben

L.I: W.A.L.T explain how the PPDAC cycle works.

Shamrock Drawing

This is my shamrock drawing.The writing on the top is St Patricks day in English,Gaelic and Maori.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Holy angels orphanage By - Peter and Benjamin

This was directored and writen by Peter Stowers
And spoke and researched by Ben Filipe 

St Patrick School

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Our Class Treaty - By Ben

L.I - W.A.L.T make a list of rules we could use in our class treaty.  
Rule 1:Do not run indoors or in a hallway.
Rule 2:Do not talk over others.
Rule 3:Use active listening.
Rule 4:Always give your best efforts.
Rule 5:Avoid listening to and spreading gossip.
Rule 6:Always choose kind words and actions.
Rule 7Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
Rule 8: Always be prepared to do your work.
Rule 9:Show respect and be kind to yourself and others.
Rule 10:Love others.
Rule 11:Be the best you can be!
Rule 12:Make safe and wise decisions and think carefully before doing it.
Rule 13:Choose appropriately behavior for the area you are in.
Rule 14:Take care of and look after all school equipment.
Rule 15:Stay calm when having disagreements.
Rule 16:Don’t call people names.
Rule 17:Working quietly and don’t disturb others in class or in any area.
Rule 18:Do not physically fight with others.
Rule 19:Share with others
Rule 20: Show a positive attitude everywhere.
Rule 21: Try to help others as much as you can.
Rule 22:Be respectful to yourself and others.

Rule 23:Use inside Voices.